Setu Shah

Setu Shah



This is my home on the internet.
This is where you get to know who I am.
And where else to find me.
Welcome to my world.


I have opinions.

While my real life handwriting is often described as scribble, I like to believe these are more legible. Over the course of the years, I have written quite a lot. Read it. I hope you find something you like.


Some of the projects I've created and been a part of. Most of the code and documentation is available on my Github page .

  1. Navigation tool to compute the best route based on road safety: This project is based on artificial neural networks and uses information of past fatal accidents that have occurred in USA to predict future accidents and compare various route options from location A to location B.
  2. A Home Automation and Internet of Things Solution for Indian Homes: In this project, a home automation system focusing on solving specific Indian home problems (automated passageway and room lights, keyless door lock and LPG cooking gas leakage detection and ordering system) was created.
  3. Android app to log GPS and Accelerometer data to local storage and server: An Android app that periodically collects data from the GPS and accelerometer sensors and stores it on a local buffer and if enabled, a web server.
  4. Android navigation app that computes the safest route for travel: An extension of the previous navigation tool app that computes the safest route for travel based on time of journey, fatality rate prediction and weather conditions.
  5. Simulation of various Ad-Hoc Routing Protocols using NS-3: Simulated various Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks for routing protocols like AODV, DSDV, DSR, OLSR, GPSR and Bird Flocking Routing Algorithm (BFA) using Network Simulator-3.
  6. Smart Socket: A 3-pin socket that doesn't enable electricity supply to the appliance connected until the plug is inserted entirely, thus helping in preventing short circuits, excessive draw current and electric shocks for the user and provides protection from surge voltage, under-voltage and ground leakage protection.
  7. Sanjay Shah Seminar website: A couple of years back, when dad asked me if I would develop his website a few years ago, I took up the challenge. While I do not maintain it anymore, I created it in mid-2011 and maintained it through the first half of 2016.
  8. Bhavin Shah's website: I also helped a dear friend, my mentor (and now a published author!) with creating and maintaining his website.
  9. Not Just The Talks: You know that burning flame inside you that refuses to accept things the way they are? That's what gave birth to this co-blog.