The all mighty, Apple iPhone 5.

iPhone 5
The all new, Apple iPhone 5.

One of the most awaited handsets in product history, and the handset which is expected to break all consumer smartphone sales records, the iPhone 5.

The first thing you say, when you see it is how beautiful the device is. And, it undoubtedly is. The neat edges, the crisp retina display screen, it’s an engineering marvel.

But, isn’t it just a longer iPhone 4S? Yes, in most ways. Most, not all.

The increased 1136×640 screen resolution, the new A6 chip, the HD 1.2MP front FaceTime camera, the sapphire crystal lens, new Lightning dock connector, are all in all the changes of the iPhone 5 from the iPhone 4S.

This isn’t the best smartphone in the market. Neither is it an innovation from Apple, or a revolutionary phone. This is the evolution of an already mature product that Apple Inc. manufactures, the iPhone.

As an analyst praised it, ‘The iPhone 5 is a Rolex among a sea of Timexes.’ Enough said, ain’t it?

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